GKN Polisher in Manchester, Connecticut


Country: United States

Work Location: Manchester

State: Connecticut

Advertising End Date: 16 Apr 2019

Job Type: Regular

About The Opportunity

Job Summary:This position is responsible for technical guidance and support to ensure efficient and robust polishing as well as execute daily routines and tasks by example and through delegation at GKN Aerospace.Performs manual grinding and buffing on complex

contoured surfaces. Inspects own work using a variety of standard inspection

methods as well as dedicated gaging.

Key Responsibilities

Core Responsibilities:

All levels require adherence to established company policies and procedures. All work performed must meet quality, performance, and production standards as defined by supervision.

Level 1- Trainee-Should be learning the following under close supervision:

  • Outside Radius- Able to create an outside radius with airtool (burr gun, cone, zip gun) or polybond wheel. Also able to improve micro finish in fillet radius with deburring and finish wheel.

  • Bear-tex- Able to improve micro finish in fillet radius area and/or airfoil by removing lea or polybond scratches with deburring and finishing wheel.

  • Lea- Able to remove machine tool marks, belt scratches, and also repair blends as needed on platforms, shrouds, radii and airfoils with cotton buff wheel coated with lea compound.

The following levels require the ability to train at present level and work without supervision.

Level 2- Polisher- Can perform all Level 1 skills without supervision:

  • Non-Guillotine Airfoils- Removes machine tool marks, inspects thickness and repairs oversize conditions as required by operation sheets. Controls blends, stock removal and micro finish with use of proper wheel durometer and belt grits.

  • Radius- A) Belt- Able to remove cutter marks, repairs oversize and or/undersize conditions and relocate radius to existing airfoil. B) Polybond- Same as (A). Usually used on small parts or hard to belt areas.

  • Knows basic mathematics.

  • Can set up limited pieces of equipment or can change over machines to previously run jobs in TPS cells.

  • Can inspect first piece and submit for approval.

  • Can select proper cutting tools.

Level 3- Polisher- Can perform all Level 1 and 2 skills without supervision:

  • Guillotine Airfoils- removal of cutter marks or forging material as needed to fit contour, thickness, displacement, twist, LE position, surface micro finish and fairing per job operation sheet requirements. Controls blends, stock removal and micro finish with use of proper wheel durometers and belt grits.

  • Skew- Able to belt angle o c/v Le of airfoil to a given dimension in from the actual edge. Able to file and beartex skew shape and radius with proper micro finish fitting to chart provided at 50X magnification.

Level 4- Polisher- Can perform all level 1, 2, and 3 skills without supervision:

  • Able to perform ALL operations regardless of tolerance level.

  • Able to assist inspection.

  • Able to setup new jobs.

  • Able to direct the work of lower level polishers.

  • Able to substitute for supervisor when the supervisor is not present.

Required Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • 2+ years polishing experience.

Additional Experience:

  • Experience within an aerospace manufacturing environment preferred.

  • Basic troubleshooting skills.

  • Ability to communicate well in English (both written and orally).

  • Familiarity with the use of measuring devices.

Physical Requirements:

  • Standing and walking (5 hrs. /day).

  • Ability to carry and lift weight up to 30lbs.

  • Bending, squatting, reaching, pushing, and pulling required (2-3 hrs. /day).

  • Use of hands for fine dexterity, light and strong grasping (5 hrs. /day).

Disclaimer: The above statements are intended to describe the general level of work being performed by persons assigned to the classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties and skills required of the job.

GKN Aerospace New England Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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