Charter Care Health Partners Lead Security Officer in Providence, Rhode Island

Lead Security Officer


CHP Security


Full Time


Varied Shifts


Job Details:

Summary: Provides direction and support for security officer to ensure all duties are performed according to established policies and procedures of locations with CharterCARE Health Partners. Assists the leadership team by responding to all security incidents/emergencies that occur on assigned shift. Performs all duties of the Security Officer.

Education: Associates degree in Law Enforcement, or the equivalent experience preferred. Must be twenty one years of age. Must have valid license to operate a motor vehicle.

Skills and Abilities: Must have the ability to sit, walk, run and stand. May be on feet for long periods of time. May be exposed to physical contact with patients. Must be able to hold patients during interventions and apply restraints. May be assigned automobile duty. Exposed to all areas in hospital/nursing home, including patient care elements within the hospital/nursing home setting. Must meet all safety training requirements.

Experience: One year experience in security/police force, or two years military experience preferred.